Silverback Ink® is committed to ensuring our products exceed the expectations of artists and clients around the world for both performance and safety. As part of this commitment we've voluntarily in vitro tested our products.
What is in vitro testing and how does it pertain to Silverback Ink®?
Simply put, "in vitro" means non-animal testing.
In this instance, the test was performed on laboratory grown human tissue.
We've chosen the in vitro ocular assay as it uses more sensitive tissue compared to the skin model.
What this means is that in theory, since we did not see any signs of irritation in the ocular tissue, Silverback Ink® should not cause irritation on most skin types.
Though not currently required by law, Silverback Ink® views in vitro as the future of compliance for health and safety in tattooing.
As we continue testing, published results will be available for download via
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