User Info

  • Silverback Ink® is for professional use only (to be used by experienced tattoo artists).
  • Silverback Ink® is not responsible in any way for any consequences of using/misusing Silverback Ink®.
  • Please ensure that your client is not allergic to one or more of the ingredients in Silverback Ink® prior to use. Allergic reactions are always possible. Please use a spot test prior to use. Even then, a person can develop an allergic reaction. The producer is not responsible in any way for such allergic reactions, or any results thereof.
  • Do not add anything in/to the bottle. Always don a fresh pair of gloves when handling your ink bottles. Never touch the bottle with used gloves.
  • Never leave the bottle-lid/top open. Never take the bottle-lid/top off (after first use).
  • Store the bottle in a dark & dry place at room temp (5-30 degree C). Keep the bottles away from dust and direct sunlight.
  • Silverback Ink® is sterilized in the USA by Gamma ray. The bottle(s) has/have been delivered to you sealed. (Do not use if the seal is broken or un-sealed upon arrival.) The shelf life of your unopened bottle is on the label. You must mark/write the date of opening on the bottle. The ink is to be used for 6 months (under proper storage and use conditions and never longer then the shelf-life date from the label).
  • Visit our "Official" site for recall/important information/warnings.
  • For any additional information, or any other request, please contact us directly, or the dealer/supplier who sold you the ink.
  • We will be more than happy to answer any questions from professional tattoo artists or potential clients regarding the correct use of this ink.




About Us

Celebrating our 15th year in business, we sure have come a long way!

When I first introduced Silverback Ink® "The Original" Grey Wash Series in 2005, there was no other grey wash "series" on the market. The truth is that I was making a grey wash series for consistent results in my own work for more than a few years.

My friend Rich who was working as the GM of a large North American tattoo supply company called me one day just to shoot the shit. He said "Hey! How's it goin'? What did you do today?" I replied that I was well and that I had spent the day (my day off) making needles and ink. He asked if I had ever considered selling my ink and I quickly replied with an adamant, "No".

Being the smart ass that he is, he reminded me that I was getting old and currently there was nothing like my ink available to other artists. He asked me to think about it and added that it would be "A feather in his cap to bring a new product like this to his boss", especially since he has seen it heal and age in his own skin for 8 years or more. "Just think about it", he said.

To make a long story short, I thought it over for a few weeks and as a favor to a friend, I decided to go for it!!

Silverback Ink® made its first public debut in January 2005 at the Body Art Expo in Pomona, CA. Armed with 19 sets of "The Original" Grey Wash Series and some pics on my cell phone of my work and my friends, I approached any artists at the show who had a booth. If there were into it, cool... $20 and a few minutes later, they had my ink in hand and I went on to the next. No one had ever heard of such a thing, so I limited myself to a few minutes to explain or move on. I sold out in less than 3 hours just walking around and speaking with my peers!!

The samples I sent to his company also received rave reviews! They placed an order for the first 100 sets of Silverback Ink® "The Original" Grey Wash Series.

15 years later, I'm sure my friend's suggestion was a good one... The rest is history.